Rear and Front Entrances.

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My martins seem so vulnerable when they roost at night in a one entrance compartment. I am wondering if any of the creative landlords have ever tried a double entrance.
I saw a pair of martins nest in an old stop light at a busy intersection many years ago. The nest was built on the protruding cone in front of the green light. So martins can be creative.
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Maybe a exit only flap. Some bright mind out there may work it out.
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The would be more vulnerable with multiple entrances, they typically nest in the back of the compartment away from the entrance to keep something from reach in and grabbing them. If there was an entrance at both ends the cavity would be very bright inside and I don't think they would use it. I also don't think they would ever figure out and "exit only" type flap at the back end of a cavity.
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I agree with flyin-lowe,
With nest building near the back, an additional exit would expose them to predators. It is good to consider new advancements, but sometimes we need to look at all aspects of what is good and bad about the idea. I have done some reseach at my own colony with extremely deep compartments, 18 inches deep with troyer tunnels attached at the front. In tese 6 experimental cavities, the martins have always built their nests at the far back portion of the cavity.
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I altered an old Trio house from 6" cavities to 12"cavities by adding a SREH to one side and a "plugged" round hole to the other side after removing the center divider. The "plug" fell out and the martins used the round hole entrance as the front and built a mud dam against the SREH in the back to close it off. So far it has worked fine.
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