Turn off the Martin recordings now?

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Diane Porter
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I think we have martins at last, though I can't be positive they are going to stay and lay eggs. This will be a new colony, as we have not had martins for the last six years. Many many times each day I see up to 6 birds active around the gourds. They are not there all the time, and sometimes in the afternoon they are gone for an hour or more. I have not seen any material being brought in, but day before yesterday I lowered the rack and saw that three of the 8 gourds have depressions in the back, and 1 had a few small green leaves. An ASY male spends much of his time on the same porch, but I don't see him hanging out with a female. There are often a few SY birds around, and at least one female in the mix, probably 2 or 3. Birds are singing, quarreling, and going in and out the gourds. We have seen attempted copulation a couple of times.

So my question is, should I continue to play Dawnsong and Daytime Chatter, or turn it off now that there is this much activity.

And do you experts think we have a colony?
Diane Porter
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I think you are well on your way. If you see a lot of fighting then they like your site. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

As far as the recordings it is up to you it’s not going to hurt but can only help bring in a stray passer by here and there. Your current birds will also be big attractors of new birds. Enjoy
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One of the comments I hear made time and time again, “you don’t have martins, because you don’t have martins. “ Well now that you have, they should attract more. Good for you.
2012 late start
2013 nothing yet, lots a lookers
2014 Bust again
2015 Bust again
2016 Bust again
2017 Bust again
2018 April 14 a group joined me, but moved on after a week
2019 Had SY male seriously check me out but didn't stay
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