New nests this late in the season?

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Hi everyone,
I notice a couple of days ago a pair of martins bringing in nest material. Most of my martin chicks have fledged leaving only 4 nests with chicks still in. Today I did my weekly nest check and to my surprise I discovered 3 new nests.
One had 2 eggs the others had green leaves. Does any one know if these are late arrivals or do some Martins have more than one nest cycle? Let me know your thoughts.

Dave Duit
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Hi Brent,
It is possible to have late nesting by both methods. I suspect that you are seeing a second clutch, although uncommon it can occur.
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Wow! How lucky I am. My season has been interesting and rewarding. I love these birds. Thanks Dave.
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Are they SY or ASY birds? A lot of northern colonies are just getting SY arrivals. I guess it is possible that some SY's left South America on their way north and decided to stop at your place. Most studies I have read show that a majority go close to the site they fledged from. I guess it's always possible they could stop short, or it could be a possibility they were from the south and just got a late start heading back north. I am not sure how often that happens, if ever.....
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Flyin-Lowe, the one pair I can easily observe are SY Martins. The other two nests caught me off guard but I will try to identify them this week. Thanks.
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I have 12 ASY nests currently either with chicks or just now hatching (nest check tomorrow). I also have several SY martins trying to pair up in their selected gourds. I have not witnessed nest building by them as of yet and I am not sure it will happen but its possible. I also had an ASY female checking things out last week however, I haven't seen her in a while.

In any case. I wouldn't be surprised to see new nests or nesting activity with these late arriving Martins.

Good luck to you.

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