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Joined: Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:09 pm
Location: Indiana/ Jamestown
Martin Colony History: 2005-2019. Lots lookers, 2 successful nesting's.
2010- 1 pair nested,eggs destroyed(Wren).
2012- 1 pair nested, 4 eggs, 4 fledged
2019- 1 pair nested, 4 eggs, 4 fledged.

Had a Starling problem=The 2nd Adult pair we had left 10 days ago, did not return. I shot the starlimgs.The First Adult pair have chosen a gourd. Don't think there are eggs. Both M/F out, about all day. I need to do a nest check. The SY pair arrived 1 week ago. Are still checking out the Gourds. We had a 5th Martin here a few times. Not sure of ID. I'm hoping the SY pair will nest too.
Dave Duit
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Location: Iowa / Nevada
Martin Colony History: In 2020, 60 pair with 285 fledged youngsters. 83 total cavities available, 58 Troyer Horizontal gourds and 4 modified deep trio metal house units, 1 fallout shelter, owl cages around all units. Martin educator and speaker. President and founder of the Iowa Purple Martin Organization. Please visit and join.

I wish you the best this year ladybug. Darn starlings.
Mite control, heat venting, predator protection and additional feeding during bad weather add up to success.
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