More Martins just showed up

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I'm here in Central Virginia and have 4 gourds. Up until recently 4 and 5 Martins were occupying the gourds. Then a couple of days ago more showed up. I think there are 8 now. Is this unusual? Also they seem to be sticking close to the gourds now. What stage are they in? Thanks.
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Very possibly last years hatchlings (sy or second year) are coming in. They will arrive 4 to 6 weeks after the asy ( after second year) birds arrive. They could be hanging around more to protect their nest from the newcomers. Have you seen them carrying nest material to the housing? It should be time for that.
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As said above SY martins are arriving in your part of the country. If you have the means and want to expand, you could add some more cavities and they would likely be occupied. It is not super common to get 100% occupancy, you could leave the 4 gourds up and maybe only get 3 pair a year, and next year you could add 20 more gourds and you might get 15 pair or so.
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Yes their behavior pattern changed recently. It had been that they would leave in the morning and be out all day. In the evening they would return. Now, as I mentioned, more showed up and they are hanging around most of the day. And yes, I have seen them carrying nesting material into the gourds. I will see about putting up another set of gourds for next year. It's a pleasure to have them here. I was surprised last year when one day they were gone and it was in June or July, I don't remember which month exactly. It seems like a short time, but I understand they have a trip back.
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