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I'm just getting started. I know I'm late but still hoping to attract some PMs this year. Got a 12 apartment house for Christmas from my parents. Deciding where to place my house. On the edge of a garden or on the edge between our yard and an 11 acre field. Also, do I need to fill the apartments with straw or just make housing material like straw and mud available in the area? Are decoys enough or do I need to invest in some recordings as well? Thx!
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On your house placement I would choose whichever space is the most open with flyways, but within close proximity of your house. I think pine needles in the nests is beneficial as it makes the houses look lived in, plus it gives them a headstart in building their nest. The number one attractant to draw birds in to your setup is the dawnsong. If you wait to see if you needed it or not and they don't show you will be waiting for next year. I think decoys are helpful as well. Good luck.
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As deabcamp said first and foremost find the most open spot on you property that is not too far from human activity but the further from trees the better. Let us know what make/model of house you have. Many of the ones available at the local retail stores only have 6 inch deep cavities but can be modified to 12 inches. It is better to have 6 cavities that are 12 inches deep instead of 12 small cavities. Good news is that SY martins are just starting to flow in to your part of the country so you are not late but you need to get the house up as soon as possible. If you happen to have one of the S&K plastic houses on the 3 piece telescoping poles just make sure you lower it part way whenever strong wind is expected. Many people have raised martins in those houses but the pole can bend easily. If you can post an overhead view of your yard from Google earth and we can help you find the best place to put the house.
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Be sure you use the soft white pine needles, not the sharp sticky type pine needles. I suggest reading as much as possible on this website's education/research / purple martins sections to familiarize yourself with taking care of martins, supplement feeding, house location, cavity size, how to attract them, etc...
Mite control, heat venting, predator protection and additional feeding during bad weather add up to success.
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