Safe gourd housing

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Chris B
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I use natural and Big Bo V2 gourds, all with cleanouts and porches. We just had a big wind gust event from an approaching thunderstorm.

I use 3" PVC tee racks, The 3' rods go through the horizontal tee parts, and a gourd is mounted on each end. so much better than dangling. I can get twice as many gourds on a rack also. The rod mounted gourds may buunce up and down a tad from vibrations, but they do not sway and dump out the occupants. The natural gourds with the S&K cleanouts had 2 of the lids come off from air going into the entrances. I will replace those as soon as the rain stops.

have 56 goueds up, and good activity, but this year seems slower to start and not as full as usual. The barnies finally have settled in and I have 2 porch nests now. One corner is a lot better than the other for wind, and it is where my pro's live.

I hope the PMs are helping people get through the WuFlu quarantine.
2014 8 gourds, 3 pairs nested. Ended w/ 24 total
2015 24 gourds, 22 nests. Lotsa birds!
2016 24 gourds and good activity.
2017 32 SREH gourds. Great activity.
2018 40 SREH gourds. Good finish despite big storm damage. No more dangling gourds.
2019 56+ SREH gourds, all on 3/8 rods. Birds did very well.
2020 56 SREH gourds.
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Can you post a picture of your setup?
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