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gray fox
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About 2 weeks ago at 8 p. m. I walked under the Martin gourd rack.There was a male Martin chirping softly in the gourd. If I can hear a Martin in the gourd Im sure a great horned owl can hear the chirping 100 maybe even 200 yards away. He doesnt know when too shut up.Something like me. Good day.
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Martin Colony History: Newbie 51 years old and stumbled onto this by accident. Amazing bird. Just wanna help and give/receive happiness and be one with nature. Don't mind shooting an intruder of any kind though. Have a blessed day.

June 18 2021...4 hatchlings. New colony creation established...all in. 52 years old now.

Lol. 100% true. The circle of life.
51 year old HY beginner. Year 1 for me!
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