7 adult martins at ohio wannabee location

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I've been burned before, so I'm tempering my expectations, but while waiting for subbies to get to northern Ohio, look what spent a miserable weather day at my houses yesterday! They are all ASY so might have just been sitting out bad weather on their way to their homes but hope springs eternal here. I think the pictures will upload, so here's the post:
4-26-6martins one flying.jpg
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They sure look good sitting on your housing. Never know, only time will tell if they stay or just moving through. Regardless its a good sign. Keep us posted.
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You never know, someone near by could have lost their housing to a storm, had predator issues, or something else. I moved away from my first colony and the people who bought my house didn't want the housing up so I took it with me, so the following spring there were 30 pair of ASY's looking for a new place to live, it happens. Good luck.
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Great pictures. How encouraging - At least you know they recognize your housing as PM friendly and are comfortable there. Nice mud smeared on the entrance holes BTW.
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Congrats on having them stay. Let us make it permanent now.
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