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Anyone use 3/8 all thread to support gourds. Or for a perch
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... dgobely ... First Welcome to the Forum.. Great to see you here... I have seen people use the 48 inch long green plastic rods from Lowe's.. They just wire tie them to the house railing.. They may stick out 12 inches or so, on each side of the house, but the Martins love them...

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There are also 48" Fiberglas rods at Lowes or Home Depot, they are 3/8" also.

If you use these they will need to be painted. Over time and the suns uv rays they will begin to splinter as Fiberglas does.

But they are strong and will last forever if painted, I have never broken one.
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My gourd rake is homemade welded and I used 3/8th inch steel rods and thread the ends of the rods to screw on a lock nut about 5 inches back, then drilled a hole near the front to accommodate a hitch pin so the gourd wouldn't slip off the front end of the rod. Works great and has shown now wear in 15 years. For perches, I used driveway markers and they last about 5 years. They extend past the roofs of my metal trio style houses. I use a cable stretched between the gourd racks for additional perching opportunities.
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Martin Colony History: 2020 put house up end of April. Gourds in May
4 or 5 pair of martins

Bear with me as I try to figure how to work this site. I may have gotten my house up a little late. First week in April. I live in Georgia. Worst case I will be ready for next year.
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Hey I made my gourd racks using 3in pvc and put 8 1/4 in all thread into the pvc and placed a lock nut on the inside and outside of the pvc to hold the all thread in the pvc. Then I placed a lock but behind and in front of the gourds to hold them. Also places 1/4” all thread at the top of the poles for perches. I hope this helps you in someway god bless and stay safe all.
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Hey guys those are all good ideas,here’s another good one and free! I’m sometimes one of those “one mans junk is another mans treasure” folks! Keep your eyes peeled going down the road and here and there,if you ever spot an old TV antennae that some one has thrown out the bars on there make great perches. They are hollow aluminum rods,hollow and light weight and just the right size. They last the life of the house . They are usually a couple of feet long each,and FREE,FREE,FREEEEEEEE!
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I uses 3/8 wooden dowels on my rack. They do need to be replaced from time to time but if you paint them and protect them they'll last a while. I did once use fiberglass rods but they would splinter I=and I noticed the Martins did not sit on them. They use the wood dowels all the time.

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Diameter doesn't matter much. I've got things from 1/2" down to 5/16" for perches at the tops of my poles. They use them all about the same amount. One of their favorite perches is the top strand of barbed wire on the fence close to the gourd racks.
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Someone closer to Geogia would know more, but i think your still good on sy birds still coming in. Roght in line with what PM David suggesred I mounted a tv antenna for additional perching. It could also be parted out for single perches.
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Trying picture again. :(
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Bamboo works really good for perch material. It's free if you can find some - and lasts a couple seasons.
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4 or 5 pair of martins

I haven’t figured out pictures yet
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