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I have 10 pair of PM`s just getting in Good and a storm is coming tonight calling for 60 mph wind gust .
I have the 15 foot tri-poles so I plan to lower them about a third of the way down until tomorrow when all is clear and morning activities have calmed down .
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I'm not familiar with the tri poles, but lowering them down to 10 ft will not be an issue for the martins. Lower it down early evening before they start coming to bed for the night.
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Trust me you want to lower the tri tel poles anytime there is high winds forecasted. I have a tri tel pole with nothing on it but a small SK perch station and it has bent in the wind with nothing but the pole itself to catch the wind. I can't imagine what it would have done with a house or gourds on it. Just make sure you lower it before dark.

I really think SK does a good job at offering lower priced housing to help people get started. I don't think the tri tel is their best product. Not knowing anything about martins I bought a SK barn my first year just to see if there were martins in my area and if I would get visitors. I built a T14 the next year but didn't want to invest in that in the beginning if they were not in my area.
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