Supplemental Feeding With "Cicadas"

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Hanover Bill
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After 7 yrs. of trying I finally have had some success with supplemental feeding my Martins. What finally did the trick for me are "cicadas", those nasty insects that drove us crazy clinging to everything last summer. I gathered and froze several coffee cans full of them last summer. A messy job which is paying off in a big way now. The Martins seem unable to resist a large winged insect when flipped in front of them.

Quite a relief for me as I have had no success in the past with crickets, meal worms, etc. It is a good feeling knowing that you can finally assist the Martins when the weather is too bad for them to feed naturally.

Only problem is that it will be 17 yrs. before the cicadas re-emerge in this area, and I don't think I have that long to wait. LOL. That being the case I will have to look for a substitute before next season. Oh well !!
Hanover Bill.
2009 & 10 - 0
2011 & 12 - Visitors
2013 - 2 pr. fledged 9
2014 - 3 pr. fledged 13
2015 - 7 pr. fledged 27
2016 - 15 pr. fledged 72
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Good Job, you should get some crickets now and slip them in between the cicadas. Or try some microwaved eggs. One egg per cup, smash up the yoke, cook for one minute, Let cool and cut up. Leave the leftovers on a platform close to where you are flipping, they will learn after a while to eat of the platform.
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Great idea Bill. I often find one, or part of one, in a nest. They are a bit big for chicks to eat. I would get some crickets now & flip some of those along with the cicadas. That way they get used to them & it will make it easier for you next season.

I had 3 ASY males. 2 left after 1 day. One stayed & then left for 6 days & then came back 2 days ago. He comes in just before dark & spends the night. Then he takes off early morning. I have yet to be able to supplement feed him. Hoping I can catch him when he comes in tonight & flip a few crickets for him. We had snow flurries this morning. Can't wait until this cold weather moves out.

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Brad Biddle
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That's really cool. We don't have the mass Cicada hatches that lots of places do, so I couldn't take advantage of the but it would be a great, cheap way to do that. Now that you've got them trained, they'll eat anything that you flip up there. They may drop the first several pieces of egg that you flip up, but they'll eventually start eating those too.

Feeding Martins is pretty fun, but I'm glad I don't have to do it very often at all. I've actually only had to do it one year.

There are people who say that they will only take supplemental feed when they need it, but that's not true. The year that I had to feed so much, I went out in late May when temps had been very warm for a long time and fed them just to see if they'd eat. Yes they did.
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Ed Pace
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Bill, as long as you have some more Cadis flies left why don't you try to work them into a tray if they recognize them sitting on a perch and then work them into a tray if you get them going that way they won't be using all that energy on cold-weather when you toss them.I fed my birds this morning a storm came up ,the snow was so bad that you could barely see the birds in the tray ,there were like 12 birds in the tray. The wind came up so bad that they couldn't stay in the tray so they all retreate to their cavities then in about five minutes came back out to the trays,that's a really good feeling I know what you mean.
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