Will they come back?

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I put up a new 12 room house this spring to replace the 8 room house from last year. I put it up on the same pole and taped over the doors.

This past Sunday we saw a group of four martin's land on the house and I immediately went out to remove the tape.

I haven't seen any activity since, except for a couple of sparrow's that seem intent on moving in.

Will the martin's come back or did I scare them off by not having the rooms accessible?
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I don't believe you scared them off with the cavities closed. They could have been from a neighboring colony just having a look. How many pair did you have last year?
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Yes, they will. I worried the same thing every spring. Be patient and keep clearing out any HOSP nest, every day.
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I agree leave a cavity or two open and actively manage the sparrows. This way when they do come they'll be more interested and you wont have 12 cavities to manage. Open more cavities as more martins show. Once more martins show they'll hopefully run off the sparrows.

Start controlling the sparrows they are more prone to drive away your martins then anything you did.
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How many (if any) pair did you have last year. Assuming you had martins and those martins return, they have strong site fidelity and would not leave just because the house was taped off when they first arrived. When I moved in 2012 the old owners didn't want to leave the housing up for them. That next spring I drove by and the martins spent a week circling the yard waiting for their housing to be put back up before they finally dispersed.
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