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Brad Biddle
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If you're stuck at home during the Covid-19 quarantine with no hope, join us online this morning to hear about the source of all hope. Also, grab some bread, a cracker and some grape juice, wine, or water and join us in an online communion. Service starts at 10:15 am CDT

Martin landlord since 2003. Currently offering 162 plastic gourds with tunnels, all with Conley II entrances with the Lewis modification. I have 24 Supergourds and the rest are Troyer Horizontals.
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Martin Colony History: 1 gourd rack with 24 gourd capacity. 2018, my 11th year hosting martins.
18 pair in 2017.

Nice thought but the videos buffered forever and I lost interest.
PMCA Member, Single Gourd Rack, 2019 marks 12 years hosting martins.
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