Female ASY sightings today

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Irene and I heard them today before we saw them. 2 ASY females flew around
the new house several times, then started to fly between my royal palms and
sneak up on the S&K barn full off sparrows. They seemed to just want to piss
the sparrows off, threatening them. A couple crows bullied starlings by
the sparrow house earlier. I was fixing my dock today and the asy kinda were upset
by my hammering late in the day. I still do not see any Martins spend the night,
just checking the place out. I fish I have patience 8)
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I bet you were thrilled to hear them.

Are you going to eliminate the sparrows?
Billie from south central Wisconsin
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Do you have a house dedicated to sparrows? If you do, that's not a good idea. Regardless the sparrow house should be cleaned out.
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