Gemini Gourd Rack Photos And A Short Update

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Steve Kroenke wrote:
Thu Apr 16, 2020 11:17 am

Absolutely! If you keep 24 gourds on the Gemini, then I have had no issues with checking the nests. I did have 32 way back in 2011 and the gourds were a little close together and not as easy to access, but I was still able to check the nests. It depends on the type of gourds you are using, too.

I have four Geminis and use a variety of gourd styles on three and all PMCA Excluders on one. All four Geminis have been nearly 100% occupied each season by martins. I kinda like to use different styles with alternating horizontals and verticals. But using all the same is fine, too.

So, yes, I believe the Gemini is worth the extra cost and is a beautiful system, too. I like the double ring approach.

I wish you the best this martin season and next year with that new Gemini if you decide to go that route!

Thanks Steve,

I'll probably will go with a 24-gourd Gemini then. I am already full on 3 Super-24's, so I'm not sure what the SY's are going to do, other than fight.

Thanks for the feedback, Steve, Appreciate it. Stay safe, you, your family, and your martins.
Location: Marlboro County, SC

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