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So I'm watching the Martins circle the gourds and Trio tonight. I'm all excited that I have 11 Martins circling since the night before I had only 8 circling. This usually happens in that I'll have more circling than what actually ends up staying the night. Every night is different for me as I just don't know if a new Martin has chosen a gourd earlier in the day and is coming back to it to roost.

Anyway, the temps have dropped today and will get a little cold over night. No big deal. Martins are dive bombing the gourds as usual then, without real warning, 4 martins crash dive into one Troyer. As they are doing this 6 more are circling above and, wouldn't you know it, a hawk decides to try to snatch one of those 4 off the gourd before they make it in. He wasn't successful but he cleared the skies for a while. Ultimately the 3 Trio ASY male residents returned with 3 other Martins however, only the 3 stayed. The others bugged out.

The cool thing is that I've added perches that extend out over the front of the gourds and it appeared that the hawk was unable to get under it to get to the porch with any kind of success. Here's a photo showing the perch that probably saved a life tonight.

I'll be on the war path now to deter that hawk. Looks like he got it figured out after 4 years.

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