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Mike Mack
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When checking on birds during the night I am starting to hear a little bit more scratching. Get past these rain days It will be time to treat. Seems a little early but guess their enjoying the warmer weather also.
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Yep sounds like it, some sounds are distinctive...the female scratching out her nest bowl is distinctive. Scratching the mites is as well. Good looking out!

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2019-17 pair 81 fledged

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Brad Biddle
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I put Sevin in the pine straw that I use to pre-nest with. I’ll come back and do a follow up in early April
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steve r
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When there in there scratching at night this is what will attract owls. You will stand under your racks and hear them but an owl will hear from a 100 yards away. This is why when I had a small size colony I played music at night to drown out the scratching.
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