Big drama in natural gourd

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Martin Colony History: 2016- didnt know anything about martins, put up an all wrong house in 2016 and had two come by and inspect all the cavities. Left soon after not to return. Learned what i could on PMCA, made adjustments and next year was sucessful.
2017- 5 pair. 15 fledged.
2018-18 pair. 85 fledged.
2019- 17 pair. 81 fledged
Home colony: 17 natural gourds, one 6 compartment house. All SREH.
Satelite colony Oso bay preserve: 12 gourds: excluder, troyer horizontal, super gourds with tunnels. 6 room trio mino castle with enlarged compartments.
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Had a lot of new arrivals, must have been 20 martins try to come in tonight. Im offering natural gourds for the most part, a pair has taken up residence in a tunneled natural gourd, this gourd has a "horn" that curves out and parallel to the entrance, so it was turned on it side when it was being made. Lots of room. Martins like it. tonight another male followed them right in. Usual fight ensued but this bird was under distress, making lots and lots of noise. I normally wait and they figure it out, but this didnt sound good.
It wasnt dark yet so i lowered it and opened the cap, sure enough he was jammed beak first in the interior portion of the horn...mistook it for the exit i guess! Female took off, resident male stayed the whole time. Freed the male and put it all back up.
Lesson for me is to put a bit of foam in that horn to keep that from happening again and protect chicks from wandering in there. Brother!

2016- two visitors
2017- 5 pair 15 Fledged
2018-18 pairs 85 Fledged
2019-17 pair 81 fledged

Satellite location: oso bay preserve 12 gourds, modified trio
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2020: hopeful!!!
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Ohhh the troubled webs we weave. :)
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Martin Colony History: a male with some mating calls attracted a female PM in the top of a plastic barn like birdhouse(unkept) on a triangular pole (16 room) last March . Occupied by wrens which kicked them out. I got too many bugs, live on a salt water canal to Charlotte Harbor. started to build a couple 18 room houses for PM about a month ago. Now have 9 cavities up and adding 2 gourds.

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