So, I lowered my Trendsetter yesterday...

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And the whole time I kept hearing chatter. Chatter chatter chatter. I’m looking into all of the cavities, and see nothing. I’m looking around the yard, don’t see anything. I lowered it to add a couple of decoys to the perches. As I am trying to attach one of the decoys to the house, I look up into the sky, and there are 2 birds circling directly above me. They are gray underneath with dark around the edges. I could swear they were martins, but I am so new to this that I am not 100% sure. Needless to say, my heart was racing!

I hope they come back!
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T- Bird, do a google search for pictures and vocals of Purple Martins. They have very distinct calls and would be easy for you to recognize if you heard them. They do a lot of gliding and if what you seen was a Martin it would be a female. The SY's have a lighter belly as well, but I don't think have made it to your area yet.
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The best way to tell is to go to youtube and watch a few videos of martin colonies. Their song and chatter is very distinctive, once you hear it you won't confuse it with any other birds. (other then the occasional mocker!) But as far as the birds that are commonly mistaken for martins like tree swallows, the martins have a sound of their own.
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