on the hunt soon!

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Martin Colony History: a male with some mating calls attracted a female PM in the top of a plastic barn like birdhouse(unkept) on a triangular pole (16 room) last March . Occupied by wrens which kicked them out. I got too many bugs, live on a salt water canal to Charlotte Harbor. started to build a couple 18 room houses for PM about a month ago. Now have 9 cavities up and adding 2 gourds.

on the hunt soon!

Postby Kegger » Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:59 pm

<r>so I mounted my 1st PM house to my boat lift for this year to see if I could<br/>
attract some Martins about 3 weeks ago. Left 3 of 9 cavities open for<br/>
visitors. So far a few wrens checked them out, playing with pine straw,<br/>
rearranging into the start of a nest, adding a twig or two. Then a few<br/>
sparrows joined the mix. Yesterday I played the eviction notice and closed the <br/>
3 cavities. I already had an established house for the wrens, so the sparrows<br/>
decided to take their house... I never saw as many sparrows over the years<br/>
like yesterday. Also a few Starlings got into the act. The wrens stood by and watched<br/>
as 1 Sparrow took on a Starling wrecking a wren cavity. They both fell to the ground<br/>
the Starling flew away with the same Sparrow in hot pursuit. Wrens back in their<br/>
spot. Going to sniper mode. Mike <E>8)</E></r>
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