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I'm just wondering if, when it's windy, do you lose the feed and/or the egg/oyster shells that are on the tray? Is it blown off the tray? It only has 1 1/4 inch high sides on it - that just doesn't seem like it would be able to keep the wind from blowing the stuff off of it.

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I use a 10x21x21/4 inch black plastic seed growing tray. I built a wooden frame the tray fits into. The tray is secured in the wood frame with a couple of homemade stops on each end that cover the top of the tray so it doesn't blow away. Yes, even at 21/4 inches tall I will lose stuff like meal worms. The pine straw, I place bungee cords over the top of the pile to keep it from blowing away. Hydrating the worms help but eventually they dry out and wind can blow them away. It's not to bad though. This whole setup is attached with a shelf bracket underneath and automotive clamps attached to a bent telescopic pole about six feet up so that I can service the tray during the season.

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Mine has about the same size lip, and yes, I do lose some. But, the birds will come down to the ground too and get what's fallen off. Other species of birds also find the stuff of the ground and make use of it.
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Thanks, Archer and daveh. :)
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