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Martin Colony History: 2018 will be my first try. 6 S&K B09s. 29 eggs - 8 fledged
2019 - 12 Troyer Horizontals with tunnels, 6 S&K B09s and 12 B011s all with tunnels. 43 eggs - 36 fledged
2020 - Rack 1 - 6 B011s, Rack 2 - 24 B011s, and Rack 3 - 24 Troyer Horizontals. All gourds have tunnels, porches and crescent/Conley 11 entrances; racks have predator guards. 161 eggs - 88 fledged

I reported a first arrival at my riding buddy's colony on January 6. Saw a few martins at his colony in the next two days. Then nothing. Then on the 22nd, we observed an ASY sitting on the weather vane above his foam T-14. Still nothing at my place, just 3.3 miles east. This morning around 9:20 I observed 6 adults checking out my three colonies. In and out of the gourds for about 2 hours. Checked this PM for late appearances - nothing. But my birds are back!! Back from Brazil to Mike's in Palm City. Whoopie!!
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