Second clutch in same cavity

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Martin Colony History: 2015-put up the house, as is, and no takers.
2016-Modified the house for larger rooms, added two gourds, and played the dawn song daily. First pair arrived! 5 eggs, all hatched, but only 4 babies remain. None have fledged yet, but any day now!! Update: 3 out of 5 babies made it to fledgling! All flew off!

Hello all,
So we had our regular martin pair return earlier this year and lay 5 eggs. Well unfortunately due to weather and mother-nature in general only 1 egg ended up hatching. This was several weeks ago and the baby has since fledged. We noticed over the last few weeks that we've had a lot of "Purple Martin Parties" with a bunch of visitors stopping by (about 10-15 at a time). We've always only had one pair nest in the house and each year they've been successful with babies. Even though the baby fledged we've noticed the birds still going into the cavity. Well, I was walking under the house last night and noticed chirping noises from above. So we checked the house and there were 4 NEW babies and one cracked egg!! This was in the same cavity as was used earlier this season. Did the birds have a second set of babies because the first one did so poorly, or do you think this is a second group that decided to be lazy and re-use the hole? It's just so strange. We've never had this happen before.
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