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Thank you for the referral to this article.

Our summer place is in southern Ontario, on the north-east shore of Lake Ontario. We have noticed a significant decline in the number of Purple Martins coming to this area over the past few years. Since about 1967 the relatively small unmanaged martin house my wife's family had put up annually had been populated by martins and this was taken for granted. However, last year the house was taken over by starlings and this year we have started over with a new Lonestar Alamo 14 compartment martin house. As per our "Chicadee Interference" posting on this forum, we have had an unsuccessful first season with the new house. However, we did join the PMCA last year and have been inspired by the patience and persistence demonstrated in many of the postings on this forum and by the great effort made by many of the Purple Martin landlords to support their colonies.

We no longer take the Purple Martins for granted and, if we are privileged to have a few of these birds decide to settle in our house next year, we will do our utmost to help them make it, inspired by what we have seen on, and learned from, this forum. This article you have brought to our attention, confirming the marked decline in the Purple Martin population in our province, serves as a further motivation for us to do our best to help these guys.

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