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Ed Pace
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Just a reminder don't forget to put that vanilla in the cotton balls for those real late Nests ,this is blackfly season coming up. Just yesterday I had three Nests with brand new pinkies in them and supposed to have more eggs hatching today, those blackflies can kill them very rapidly while they're so small and naked . Ed.
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Martin Colony History: I Started my first colony with my father in the late 1960's. Started building custom vinyl Martin houses last year 2018 and was successful with 10 birds fledged and it looks like several dozen birds are hanging around. Time to expand.
2018: 1 T-14 and 6 gourds. Fledged 10
2019: 2 T-14's and 6 gourds. Fledged 70
2020: 2 T-14's and 6 gourds. Fledged 111
2021: 2 T-14's and 18 gourds Fledged 186

Thanks Ed, I think I will give that a try. This is my second year with this colony and I did a nest check a couple of days ago and I was amazed to find 74 pinkies all were under 5 days old. I didn't see any bites on them but noticed some flies buzzing around the houses but the nests were mite free so far.
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