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Martin Colony History: 2018 - First house up in late June, lots of visitors brought over by “Percy”, a very enthusiastic SY male.
2019 - 10 nests, 51 eggs, 41 hatched, 40 fledged.

During today’s nest check we saw quite a few beetles in one compartment, and a couple in some others. They mostly seem to be outside the nest tray, but that could also be because we’re moving things around I suppose. They move pretty quick, and we’re wondering if we should vacuum them out, leave them or spray some Sevin or Tempo in the compartments?


Brad Biddle
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I don’t know what type of beetle that is but I do know what Tempo is. I’ve used lots of it. I wouldn’t suggest using it in a Martin nest. It can be used in commercial poultry hoses between flocks but not while birds are in the houses.
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Conrad Baker
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Sevin dust should control them. Not sure what they are. A couple of years ago, I had a lot of small (tinier than yours) brown beetles in my housing after the Martins left for the season. They were not mites, but actually a small beetle. I washed the housing out really well with a weak bleach solution, then flushed the housing with clean water and let them dry completely before putting them away for the season. I have not seen them since. Sevin would be the strongest pesticide I would use, I'm not familiar with Tempo.
Matt F.
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I don't think there are any beetles and/or beetle larvae that are parasitic to birds.
If they're not bird parasitic, I'd just remove the ones you see and don't worry about it.
I definitely wouldn't apply anything like Sevin, unless you have a parasitic bug concern - like mites, blow flies, etc.
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