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I've had this ASY male here for 8 days now - he has brought in a female - they come and go during the daytime - yesterday they had a 3rd one with them that did not stay. This morning they had 2 with them that did not stay. I always hope they eventually come back but who knows. I'm also going to be happy if just the ASY male stays and if he can keep his lady friend here,'s better than nothing so I would be happy with that this season. It's getting late in the season and my theory is they are out during the daytime looking for more to join them. I hope they are successful but we'll see. There's no nest building going on at all yet.

Anyways - my BIG question right now is - do I keep the Dawn Song playing or not? I know there are varying opinions on this subject so I just am really undecided as to what would be best. I have been playing it most of the week while he/they have been here - when it's not raining....I don't know if I should just shut it off or keep it going or what. Decisions decisions. That's why I am hoping those of you who are much more experienced with the Dawn Song saga would be of help to me with good advice.

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The Dawn Song is an attraction device. It has worked for you in that you have an ASY male who apparently likes your set up. Once the recording has done it's job, I suggest it is time to turn it off. A live martin is even better at attracting passing martins, or in going out and bringing them back to your colony.

In the past, it was suggested that keeping the recording playing may do more to confuse the Martin than anything else.


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Thanks, Ed. I turned it off. But it's on stand-by. lol!

I appreciate all your help and advice. It has paid off so far. I hope some day I am as lucky as you are with your purple martins. :)
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I would leave it off and let the martins do it naturally.
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I always turned mine off as soon as I had visitors. They will do a better job then the the CD will.
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