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Hello all, I have been trying to shoot a pair of relentless Sparrows, at my T-14 and 4 gourd pole, on an off for over a month. I've dumped 2 nests with eggs from the T-14 and they still keep trying. Two days ago I closed all openings on the 14 and left the gourds open. I was working (with ear buds jamming) near the houses and spotted THE Sparrow on the 14 so, I took a shot......I noticed a PM coming out of a gourd on the other pole! I removed my buds and watched a pair of PM's fling and chattering and circled the 4 gourds 4 or 5 times then off they went. I''m not aware of a colony close to me but this is the 2nd time I've had lookers in a month.

Question, should I buy a dawn song and/or decoys?

Will PM's stay with sparrows around?

How do you rebound from this sinking feeling...lol
Brad Biddle
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Martins will coexist with House Sparrows but it's far from ideal. The first year I tried to attract Martins at our farm, the year before we moved to the farm, I put up a gourd rack with 6 gourds on it. I attracted a pair of SY Martins and a spare SY male. I watched the paired SY male enter a gourd and a HOSP male entered right behind him. They came out of the gourd and fell to the ground while fighting. The pair of Martins flew off and never returned. I killed that HOSP male and the lone SY male stayed.

I killed over 250 HOSP between then and the next spring.

I'd kill the Sparrow ASAP. Shoot the male first. I don't know what you have to shoot it with. I use a 22 rifle with subsonic Aguilla ammo. It is very accurate. If you're using something like a BB gun, you're wasting your time.
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Thanks for the replies! I'm using a pellet gun and it's not consistent in its placement or I'm just a bad shot. I fear the travel of a 22 shooting at those elevated angles. I will try to make a trap and get after them.

Is it too late in Ohio for attracting a breeding pair? Thanks again!
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I have a couple pair of subbies that have not laid there eggs yet...But they are paired up and in nest building mode right now we expect them to lay in the next few days....Acquiring new subbies to your site this late in June is going to be tough but i have heard stories of others who have so not impossible but highly unlikely.
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