Dawn song ?? For next year

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Martin Colony History: Started colony in 2014. First pair to stay and raise young in 2018.

I’ve read several times on the forum that if you have 10 or more pair a martins you are now an established colony. I have reached my 10 pair of Martins and still had nest building going on. But my question is for next year do I still have to play the Dawn song all the time to attract the Martin’s in or will they come in on their own now that I have an established colony. Thank you in advance for your answers and suggestions. JHCox Heiskell Tennessee
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Martin Colony History: Visitors are rare. Three SY males seen in 10 years.

Pretty sure you're good to go now without the artificial song.
Home site: 12 cedar chalets - Plus two satellite sites which are also empty.
2010- 1 SY male on and off for a couple weeks
2011- 0 visits
2012- 0 visits
2013- 0 visits
2014- 1 SY male stopped in here and there for two weeks.
2015- 0 visits
2016- 0 visits
2017- 0 visits
2018- 0 visits
2019- Break-through year. Had a SY Male stop in on June 7th and stay all day, every day until end of June and built a nest. Hoping he returns in 2020 because I'm getting tired of updating this list.
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Martin Colony History: 2006 - SY pair, unsuccessful nest attempt, 3 houses = 52 cavities

2010 - ASYM + SYF pair - male disappeared after storm, female fledged all 4 young.

2015 - Lone SYM stayed month of June...added 8 gourds = 60 cavities

2016 - 1 nesting pair (ASYM + SYF) 2/3 eggs hatched 2 young fledged.

2017 - 4 nesting pairs, 16/17 eggs hatched, 16 fledged, 16 banded - 2 banded SY returned in 2018 (12.5%), added housing: 11 houses w/gourds, 4 gourd poles = 376 cavities

2018 - 10 nesting pairs, 46/52 eggs hatched, 45 fledged, 29 banded - 3 banded SY returned in 2019 (10.3%)

2019 - 32 nesting pairs, 145/160 eggs hatched, 139 fledged - 87 banded - 12 banded SY returned in 2020 (13.8%).

2020 - 35 nesting pairs, 180/199 eggs hatched, 178 fledged - 150 banded.

My colony is in it's 4th active season and I now play the dawn song or chatter CD in the spring until about a half dozen martins arrive at my site. However, I always begin to play the CD again in the fall during the martin southward migration from the time my last nest fledges until about Labor Day. I usually attract a few dozen passing martins during the fall migration that hopefully will remember my site during the following spring migration if they survive the winter. If you want to grow numbers in your colony, playing the CD during the fall migration might be a way to add a bird or two to your colony the following year.
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