Nest Check 11 and a half

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Martin Colony History: 2018 will be my first try. 6 S&K B09s. 29 eggs - 8 fledged
2019 - 12 Troyer Horizontals with tunnels, 6 S&K B09s and 12 B011s all with tunnels. 43 eggs - 36 fledged
2020 - Rack 1 - 6 B011s, Rack 2 - 24 B011s, and Rack 3 - 24 Troyer Horizontals. All gourds have tunnels, porches and crescent/Conley 11 entrances; racks have predator guards. 161 eggs - 88 fledged

Yesterday I skipped checking "Colony 1." This is my Tri-tel six-gourd initiation into martin land lording that I set up last year. All the action this year has switched to my S and K 24-gourd rack (Colony 2) making Colony 1 into nothing more than a perching rack.

"Mike", I said to myself, "Get your butt out there and check Colony 1. Your record keeping must be consistent." So I dropped the rack, opened the first gourd and there staring me in the face are 4 eggs. Gourds 2, 3 and 6 displayed neat nests of pine needles topped with brown oak leafs but no eggs. Gourds 4 and 5 contained just the blobs of needles I put in the gourds back early in this season. So now I may be looking to a 7/20 fledging!

Surprise, surprise. Mike
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