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Did another nest check on Sunday June 2nd we are up to 8 nest with eggs from 3 to 6 eggs. Still have several nest that have new green leaves in them. Is it a good assumption that I have at least 8 pair or do you think that maybe I have some males that a breading multiple females and helping build multiple nest. It’s hard to count the birds but it seems like there are more coming in every day or so. Any thoughts???
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Many of us in the same boat, particularly those of us living a bit further north. I believe our numbers last year were 18 pair, with about 100 fledglings. Was so confident our Gemini rack would be at capacity I talked my "financial advisor" (wife) into us putting up another. Just did a nest check; only 12 of the original gourds had eggs (41), but most had a fairly substantial amount of green leaves. Gemini rack #2 showing a lot more activity with the "subbies" arriving; had the first egg in one of it's gourds today.

Weather is warm, sky blue, and lots of martin activity. Doesn't get much better……

Terry & Michelle
New Richmond, WI
Terry & Michelle
New Richmond, WI

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2015 - 2 pair, 12 eggs/12 fledglings
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2018 - 23 pair, 119 eggs/115 fledged.
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