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gray fox
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Yesterday I checked the tree swallow nest and the entrance hole had a wad of grass plug. Of course several eggs broken. The work of a house sparrow.
The scarer didn't work. I have Blaine trap with live house sparrow in it with food and water but no catches. The minnow type trap does the best. Im not catching the adults causing the problem. Don't have the time to shoot them or been safe shooting around the farmers building. Caught about 70 sparrows last year. I guess Ill have to put wren entrance hole in boxes. Do you think the sparrows will hit the Martin housing since thats the only housing in the area?
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Could very well, be safer to assume yes. Sorry to hear about that, their range isnt that big so if you can get as many as you can until after fledging some of the pressure will be off. I put up a blind in the back but didnt work for sparrows, does for starlings...a trap works best.
Best of luck!
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House Wrens will pierce eggs as much as House Sparrows.
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gray fox
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wrens will pierce eggs but they don't kill mother bluebird.
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