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Hello everyone. I'm new to the purple martin "landlord" business, and I'd like to thank everyone for all the great ideas and knowledge that't put forth in this forum. I consider this my first year trying to establish a colony, and I'm happy to say that I have four mated pairs currently at my location. One ASY pair with six eggs due to hatch this Friday, one SY pair that just started sitting five eggs on Saturday, and two other SY pairs that should start egg laying any day now. My ASY male martin showed up on March 27th, and I'm positive he's the same male that showed up last year literally 10 minutes after I put up my house for the first time. He went straight to the same cavity he and two different females tried nesting in last year. I consider this my first year because I should have had a successful year last year with this male, but I unfortunately messed that up (that's another story all together). Anyhow, I live in mid Missouri and my question is do I still have time to attract other SY pairs. I've had two what I believe to be SY males here periodically the last week, and I'm just curious if there's still time for them to attract a mate and successfully nest. Thanks everyone!
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As a follow up on the question i asked earlier, I'd also like to know how people deal with excessive gourd swing during violent storms. I've left my house and gourds lowered for the last several weeks as we've been having some crazy storms with high winds. Having the housing lowered doesn't seem to bother them, so I think I'm just going to leave it lowered for the season. However, today at about 4:30 we had a storm blow through with 60 mph straight line winds with an inch and a half of rain in less than 15 minutes. As soon as it quit, I went straight out to check things out. The house was fine, though the nest were a bit wet. The gourds were another story. The whole system had spun around to where the one gourd that is being used was now facing completely the opposite direction. This sy pair along with another sy pair nesting in the house just starting laying yesterday, and the two eggs in the gourd had completely rolled out of the nest depression. One was laying right below the edge of the inner porch, and the other was laying about five inches away along the outer edge of the gourd. Luckily, neither egg was cracked and I put them back in the nest depression and put a few of the leaves on top of them, then spun the unit around to it's original position. I suppose in a few days when the female is incubating she'll be able to keep them in place, but what about before that? I've always been concerned about how much the gourds swing during high winds. Is there something I should be doing to keep them from swinging, or is this something that just happens and you just hope for the best?
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Welcome to this forum, TravisF. I don't have the answers for you but I think there's still time to get a pair (or more) this year. That's what I've read several times. And I sure hope so cuz I don't have any yet, either, and I'm hoping to get lucky, too. Good luck!
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,,,, TravisF ... I think you still have time,, Two friends of mine got their first Martins on or around June 13th... I have a pair at home and she is sitting on eggs at the moment.. But I still have a lone Male that still is bringing a SY female around, so it's up to her to settle down and pick a gourd.
Good Luck ..

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I have had an ASY male and 2 sub males hanging around of and on for 3 weeks. Going in gourds and displaying by flying high in a cirle and then folding their wings tight against their body and streak down to the gourds. I dont believe they have had any luck getting females. They leave for days at a time but usually come back together. I have yet to see a female. They have not spent the night in the gourds yet. Dont really know what to think? There are few real answers. Martins are known to nest in North America all the way til the end of June. Hang in there!
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