I have put a gourd on my porch for problem birds

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Chris B
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A couple nights ago I had a (teenage male??) bird on the porch right in front of the front door - at about darkset (when the skeeters get out) and I scooped it up and stroked it in my hand to soothe it. Poor thing has survived a hawk, cause the feathwers on it's neck have an amnomoly, maybe an attack with a little wound. It has gone now, hopefully to return to the colony and I will keep this rehab gourde on the front porch - might need it for jumpers.es from the top of the 19
As for those kingbirds, I hit aone with my PU a few years ago, picked it up and soothed in my hand. It flew away in a half hour or so but I think has returned since. I have one that moves from the 18" hiway cones that line my grass strip as I mow along them. I think it remembers.
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2015 24 gourds, 22 nests. Lotsa birds!
2016 24 gourds and good activity.
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2019 56+ SREH gourds, all on 3/8 rods. Birds did very well.
2020 56 SREH gourds.
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