Louisiana update-first nest check!

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Martin Colony History: Second year trying to attract martins. This year I am getting rid of the wooden house and showing something they are used to seeing.
Offering 2 trio grandpaws w/2natural gourds under each and C.Abare gourd rack w/16 natural gourds. And one rehabbed 16 compartment Coates original with two natural gourds.Lots of lookers,a few overnighters and daily activity cruising and looking. All gourds have a rain canopy and wire perch.2019 7 pair moving into 2020 almost double pairs from 2019. Still have most of the month of March to go for new arrivals and April.Here late in season seemed to have as many as 18 Pr of nesting birds. Huge upscale in birds from 2019. Will also have a 20 gourd satellite rack prepared for the 2021 season.

Hello all,looks like everybody’s year is going pretty good so far. Thought I’d put out an update.... so, I’ve had four pair since the get go and had thought I had more. As it turned out they may have just been visitors back in early April. But, in the last two to three weeks I have in fact acquired two more pair that are just now laying eggs. One of them has two eggs as of Saturday and the other none yet but are bringing in green leaves mud etc, and doing a lot of layin around in the gourd so any day they to will begin to lay I’m sure. The other four first pair........ two of those pair have half grown babies(5 each Pr). Third Pr has 5 pinkies about a week old and the fourth Pr just began hatching Friday . They began feeding efforts in full force on Saturday and Sunday. My neighbor had his birds since early February and I now have about a dozen of his hatchlings all flying around my yard and all in my gourds all day and they then return home at dark to his house. His yard is really confined with a lot of pecan trees and mine is wide open,thus providing a lot of open sailing room and they seem to prefer this. Maybe they will imprint on my site and all come back next year,that’d be great. So in summary..... this being my first year fully set up and ready. I have six pairs of birds all nesting so I consider all my efforts and all YOU GUYS EFFORTS AND ADVICE along the way a GREAT SUCCESS! And I feel VERY fortunate to have done so well. I thank each and everyone of you had input of any kind ,you all know who you are....Thank you .
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