How often should I do nest checks

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I have now done 4 nest checks several with green leaves. 2 of the nest have eggs One has 1 egg one has 3. So how often should you do nest check or does it even matter.
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For me, once the first egg is laid I do them once a week. Typically they lay one egg per day so that gives me a pretty good idea of when each pair started laying eggs. If I check on Friday afternoon that has four eggs, most likely they started that Tuesday. When I check the next week and there is 6 in that nest I assume that she finished on Sunday and that is when I start my clock on when they should hatch. I try to do them mid to late afternoon when most of them are out feeding.

People have different opinions but a day or two before the first eggs are due to start hatching I always place a small amount of Seven under the front edge of each nest. This will typically last long enough to keep the mites away until they start fledging. It also keeps me from having to worry about trying to apply it after there are babies in there. I have done it this way for years and it is easier for me then doing complete nest changes. From time to time I still change a nest but for the most part the single application will last unless it is an extremely wet summer.

I try to do a walk around every day just to check for wing entrapment, signs of predation, etc.
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PMCA recommends every 4-5 days during egg laying...
How Often: Checks every 4 or 5 days during egg laying will help you accurately record first egg dates and calculate projected hatching and fledging dates. Once egg laying is completed checking nests every 5-7 days is sufficient. Avoid long gaps of 10-14 days between checks. Continue nest checks until all young have fledged. ... st-checks/
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Last yr I tried checking mine every Sunday afternoon, This yr i changed to every 5 so i can tell if trouble is pending...Seems like seven is just to long of a wait
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I usually do them once a week, after about 3:00pm.

Females lay eggs in the morning & by 3:00 they are usually caught up with feeding babies.

Most adults are gone on "break".

Biggest concern is mites with all the new babies. It seems they can breed very quickly if not kept in check.
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Thanks guys for your assistance. And I agree 7 days seems to long to wait. Its like trying to sleep till 8 or 10 am on Christmas Day when you were a kid.
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