Another newbie question

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Another newbie question

Postby Buckdog122 » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:25 am

Good morning. I am a second year wannabe from central Ohio and had a question concerning when to begin to try and attract them. I had several visitors last year and one that was persistent but no luck. Would you try and play the dawn song now even though very few birds are back or wait till the SYs return. I still have my house shut but wasn’t sure when to begin trying? Is it a waste until later?
Thanks for input!

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Re: Another newbie question

Postby PMDavid » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:57 am

Hey buck dog, I’m still new at this also,however I’m very in touch with the biology of it all. If it were me an I had seen any birds at all I would be playing the dawn song now. It’s the song of adult males trying to attract any new and migrant birds to the colony locale. The Sy’s Are beginning to come in and there should be a good push of ASY’s coming due to the past days winds bringin em in from the gulf and the south. Checkout the post of “Migration this week” it’s down the way in the posts. Good luck dawg start playin it.

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Re: Another newbie question

Postby flyin-lowe » Sun Mar 24, 2019 8:40 am

A majority of colonies do start with SY martins. But there are many times when ASY martins are displaced and need a new home as well. My original colony got up to 30 pair and that following year my family moved. The new owners did to want to keep the housing or have any housing. So I took it down and took it with me. So there were 30 ASY pair that were in the area the following year looking for housing. Also there are landlords that deal with predator attacks, tree encroachment, sparrows, etc. that will also cause ASYs to abandon a site. I usually recommend at a new site to get your housing up and keep it closed off until you see martins in your yard. If you get some ASY's to stay great. If you allow tree swallows or blue birds in they will harass any new arriving SY's and scare them off.
I would play the dawnsong now and anytime you see visitors open a few cavities for them. Usually by the time the SY's arrive the TS and BB have started nesting but they can still be a nuisance.
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Re: Another newbie question

Postby deancamp » Sun Mar 24, 2019 8:44 am

It may not be as likely to attract an ASY bird to start your colony, but it definitely does happen. When trying to attract your first birds, try everything possible. You never know what circumstances will cause them to come to your site. The only thing your out is your effort. Even though the Dawn Song is sung predawn by the male Martin, playing it will attract them all day. I say play it loud and long.

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Re: Another newbie question

Postby tboydshirt » Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:02 pm

I'm in your same situation here in north central Ohio. I had a SY male hang around 2 years ago, and last summer I started the dawn song early in hopes that that male survived the winter, and return as a fully adult male to the same place. It did not, but what if that persistent male from last year has indeed survived. Wouldn't he be at least be somewhat likely to return a little earlier as an ASY this year? Maybe not as strongly imprinted as a bird who did nest, but who knows. play the song.

I'm doing that, but the established colonies around me still have nothing. good luck.

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