It's over for this year

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Hello everyone,
Yesterday the ASY male from my only pair went missing. I noticed the female was acting strangely. This morning the female was not around. Before I left for work I did a nest check and the chick was still there (only had one). When I came home tonight, there was still no sign of them. I lowered the housing to check and chick was begging for food. I waited to see if it would be fed but no sign of the parents. I cooked some egg to feed it but it would not swallow. After removing it from the gourd, it was clear that the chick was impacted. I gave it a little water and returned it to the nest. Although it had some egg and little water, it will not live through he night.

Thought this would be the "year".

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Your time will come. Don't give up. IMO, it's been a strange year. These birds bring alot of joy but some heartache is involved. Next year will be better.
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