DIY winch system?

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ImageGFB: I use to trailer a 22 Grady White 7 hrs from Philly area to Hughs Marina a little east of Pultneyville.
Usually 4 trips a year from April thru Nov some 25 years ago. I dreaded a NW wind up there. Made summer turn to winter, too rough to troll.
You never know when you will run into some building or landscape material which you do not need, but need a year later. Free is the best.
Turning a piece of coal into a gem, my favorite thing to do.
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This is what I have and has worked well for 5 + years. This is a great way to add a ground sleeve for a round pole. I would highly recommend schedule 80 for your main steel pole if you go this way, they do come in 21 foot sections. Here is the link and path for "Ground Socket".
Left side of page "Mount a T14 to a round pole"
Go to the bottom of this page and you will see "A Ground Socket"

Chuck has a great read on PM. Thank Chuck for everything you have done for us Martin lovers.
Keep us informed on your final decision.
Best of luck.
2012 > Several Lookers
2013 - 4 pair, 14 fledged
2014 - 5 pair, 15 Fledged (House Wren Destroyed Eggs, 5th pair)
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