Banging The Gourd.

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I just got new gourds and they are bigger than my old ones. Two of them are a bit to close and I think they may bang together in high wind. Do you think this could be a problem. If it is I will remove one and go with three or replace with one of my old ones.
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There is a product called No Rockers for Gourd Racks that should work for you. I dont see them in the PMCA Market Place Catalog but perhaps you can contact the PMCA and they can contact the manufacture of this product and get them for you. I have several of these No rocker arms and am quite satisfied with them.
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Do not let them bang. I have mine mounted so that they do not move.
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Do what you can not to let that happen sounds like you have a few good ideas. Switch them up or buy the arms. I dont even like mine rocking so have pinned them to the arms, slight sway in a stiff wind is all that happens. Its just that its always windy here so i combat it.
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