Takes a Village to Raise a Child...thanks to all

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I have one pair of martins....they had 4 babies, and a sparrow killed one. I had been trying to trap that sparrow for several weeks. Steve K suggested putting feathers in the trap, someone told me martins wouldn't go in the sparrow nest if it was full of nesting material, someone else told me to just make the hole smaller so a martin couldn't get in, someone told me to twist nesting material into a tunnel form, someone else told me to use a glue trap, etc.
so finally put it all together....spread the yard with feathers from my sisters pillow, had a hole in t-14 made smaller, twisted nesting material at the entrance, put in a glue trap way at the back at the end of the tunnel the sparrow made.....and finally....one trapped sparrow after he went for the feathers......yeah....my martins are safe for the day....I can sleep again.
thanks to all that helped these remaining 3 babies. they are 9 days old now.
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Glad we could could help. You've made my evening.

John Miller,
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Sharon, good job ...... sleep well.
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Sounds like an excellent way to catch a sparrow. They love feathers. Glad that you caught him
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