Counted 27 House Sparrows at the Feeders Today

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I counted birds for Project Feeder Watch yesterday and today. Twenty-seven house sparrows may be a new record count since we moved here in 2004. It will take some work to trap and shoot that many house sparrows between now and April. It was not all bad news though. Ended up with 17 species of birds including a group of 13 turkeys and a first of season red-breasted nuthatch.
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Looks like you have your work cut out for you those sparrows wise up real fast and get very hard to get after a while.
I don't have too much trouble with sparrows at my feeders it is starlings that I have a problem with. There is a large flock of them hanging around the chicken barns across the street from our place and they keep coming over hear to steal suet and whatever else they can find at my feeders.
Yesterday I did have to go out and buy another box of 410 shells, the flock is not as big as it used to be :) :) :)
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I have found trapping to be much more effective than any other method for both Starlings & Sparrows.
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