Sparrow Trap Decoy Shelter

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Martin Colony History: 2018 - First house up in late June, lots of visitors brought over by “Percy”, a very enthusiastic SY male.
2019 - 10 nests, 51 eggs, 41 hatched, 40 fledged.

I have a few large traps now, and keeping the decoy birds in good condition was becoming a bit of a pain. Always keeping some shade on part of the box, covering it up or taking it at night, watching out for the occasional cat etc. And then I stumbled across this website and video: ... parrow.php

I quickly built a couple for the DRST, and this was definitely the best 10 bucks I have ever spent. One 8' long 1x6 board and a few screws is all that's needed, and now my decoys are as comfortable and stress free as I can hope for. Two more for the funnel traps and they'll all be set.


Might be old news here, but if not I highly recommend adding these to your traps.
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