4th of july babies

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2018 1 asy pair fledged 2

Our late asy pair laid 4 eggs, all 4 hatched yesterday and are doing fine!! This pair showed up june 5th, 30 days later they have young!!! We also have a sy male still visiting every day, hopefully he will return next year and find a mate, good luck to all who still have martins to fledge, it's been hot and humid here but the birds seem to be doing fine, most of our barnswallows have their first batch fledged with no jumpers so far.
Dave Reynolds
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That great Jim -- I have a pair that has also started late, in my opinion.. They don't care about my opinion anyway.. They look to be fledgeing near or on the last day of July.. I stopped doing nest check because I'm afraid I may have a early jumper or two.. So congrats and have a great day..

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2020 — They Showed up on March 28 for another year... :wink:

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2018 -- 15 Pair, 58 Eggs, 38 Hatched and 36 Fledged :wink:
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2020 — They showed up on April 24 for another year... :wink:

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How exciting for you, Jim! This still wasn't my year to get any so maybe next year but it's been fun hearing about everyone else's.
Billie from south central Wisconsin
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