No interest in my cavities

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Ransom Graham
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I can assure you based on your picture that trees are not your problem.
kim w.
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Ransom Graham
Yes, I'm a retired Christmas tree grower so I have abundant white pine straw. :grin: Nest are pre nested and mud has been smeared.
Kim W.
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Hello kimw:
It's gonna happen. Martin's like to be with other martins. I think until someone comes up with electronic and decoys that move around one just has to bide their time. As Emil recommends it will always help to remove as many trees as possible. Other than that I feel you're in a martin deficit area and you're going to have to be patient. Especially with having regular visiting martins I believe you'll get those first nesters. My final opinion and recommendation is to pray often! Best of season!
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OMG that is beautiful housing!

Read all the comments and maybe I overlooked it, but where is the (human) housing, or is the shop all that is there?

Successful in my fourth year, the only checklist thing about your site and what you done vs. mine is that my housing is only 30' from my house and patio. Martins love people and love having us around, and it's no wonder we love them back! Obviously it's a conditioned response and now a species trait, i.e., humans = safety.

Hang in there, it'll happen.
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24 natural gourds on a satellite rack,9 other gourds scattered around
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Rarely see a sparrow or starling,but when I do they don’t last long!
Will have a second satellite rack for the 2022 season and phase out the houses,the martins here strongly prefer natural gourds.

Hi Kim, your set up looks outstanding!! Lots of open glide space and a pre installed perch wire,how lucky. The wires are NOT too close at all . I’m in agreement with some of the others that it’s just a small matter of time before your “founding” birds show up,everything is right for em. Now ,here’s the gig.....don’t laugh....I read on some forum here that someone who also lived near the omish had trouble getting started. So. He observed and noticed the omish had houses near their gardens and were always present out in the yard and garden and always had their large straw hats on. So...he got himself a nice wide brim hat and made himself present as much as possible and guess what happens shortly!!!! Martins. They began to recognize him and his hat and a regular presence and took up housing-true story.
kim w.
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My house is aprox 40-50 yrds away however I'm retired and spend a lot of time in and around my shop and garden!

I would have to agree with you on your theory of where a lot of the Amish have there gardens close to there martin houses. As a mater of fact one not to far away have gourds strung on a wire right above there garden. I know I could reach up and touch them as there only 7-8' off the ground. So if nothing happens this year I'll have plenty of time to get a hat, grow a beard, learn to speak dutch and change churches lol.
Thank both of you for your input
Oh, I'll also have to get a horse and buggy and tie it up close by too...
Kim W.
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lol! Love your sense of humor. Maybe all of us wannabes should to the same thing.

I have amish neighbors and none of them have purple martin housing of any kind.

Does anyone know if Mennonites do the same thing or is it only the Amish?
Billie from south central Wisconsin
kim w.
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I have a lot of Mennonite neighbors too but it seems to be mostly Amish.
Kim W.
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