Nest Check #10

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Nest Check #10

Postby mjfog » Mon May 14, 2018 8:13 pm

Lowered my colony 5/12: all the same but gourd 6 had 3 young, not 4. One of the 4 seemed "puney" on check # 9. No dead young in the gourd or on the ground beneath the colony - just one less chick on the 12th as on the 7th.
Noticed recently that the adults don't entirely enter the gourds; just feed the young by poking their heads into the crescent openings. Young are getting older and more anxious. All day today we had heavy rain; possible tropical depression off the lower west coast of Florida. Very heavy rains must have prevented adults from hunting food - no bugs flying. Very hungry chicks. Rain stopped around 3:30. I was watching my colony around 4:30 and the activity was heavy. Adults coming and going to the gourds with food. Maybe that's why I had my "jumper." Near 5:30, I saw a bird on the ground beneath the colony. Sure enough, a young martin. Retrieved my towel-lined shoe box and lowered the colony. Gourd 2 had same age young as the jumper and my count of that gourd was "4" rather than "5" so in he/she went. Walked the colony after dark; no jumpers. Perhaps this hungry guy ventured out on the gourd's porch anticipating being fed and tumbled. I'm a day away from the "last day to touch them" in gourds 2,3 and 5.
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