So, you think you have a good ability to observe martins??

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Ron Alsop
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So, you think you have a good ability to observe martins??

Postby Ron Alsop » Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:56 pm

My son, my wife and I were all watching the world news last nite with Lester Holt. When the footage of the (now deceased) Texas bomber's house appeared, my son said, hey dad--did you see what was in the foreground in that scene just now? As a retired fraud investigator, he knows I take great pride in my ability to "observe things". However, I had to admit I did not catch anything so he backed it up and sure enough there it was--a martin pole and house--did you see it--just wondering! We are still waiting to see those 1st martins here in our area but I'm now thinking it will be my son who notices, probably before I do. Isn't it wonderful when your family becomes as hooked on martins as you!!
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