Point Pelee Roost

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John Balga
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The Point Pelee Roost comprises a number of different swallow species as well as grackles, red wings and a variety of waterfowl. The number of swallows is estimated around 20,000 or more but it is difficult to get an accurate count. The roost has been increasing over the last two weeks. Best viewing of the roost takes place between 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm as the birds arrive from all directions to land in the cat tails and phragmites. Large numbers of purple martins are easily discerned in the mix and can be easily identified as they fly overhead and in large flocks within the circling swarm.

Many local purple martin landlords have attended this roost location and have commented that they now know where the local martins are congregating before moving on to their southern grounds in this area. I have visited the site for two weeks now with several birders and OPMA members and the swallows and martins have put on a great show as they head downward to their site. For further information, contact me.
The radar map indicates the size of the roost as it left this morning. The Erie Roost and several further south and west are also quite visible in this mapping.
Pelee Roost.png
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