First two eggs pecked on the ground

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Found my first two eggs, one yesterday and one today on the ground pecked. Have the modified Excluder gourds. Disappointed to say the least. From past experience, it could be sparrows or subbies. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?
Larry Kronemeyer
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Do you have wrens in the area? We have had that too!
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Yes we have wrens. They are normally in our back yard and I never seen them near the gourds...
Matt F.
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Sorry about your eggs.
That also sounds like the work of a house sparrow.
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Feel your pain, happened to us our first year...little knowledge of how to trap sparrows at that time, but we were fast learners. It can happen so quickly, especially with the birds off feeding. We did have wrens on and off our trio house last year but they did not do any damage, we chased them off as soon as we saw them, but they are FAST! Hope your season gets better...

Michelle in Topeka
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My money is on sparrows! I've had the same problem at Lake Buchanan and it's always sparrows. I use a trap under my gourds that I purchased on this site-highly recommend it! I get catch them regularly which controls the problem until the next male sparrow locates a gourd. A pellet gun works too if you're a good shot!
RC Moser
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My feeling it male English sparrow. Listen for his mate call, I bet he's somewhere close setting in tree, roof, or near by line calling for mate for the new cavity he just took over. If you seen English sparrow in the area recently you can bet it him.
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Have seen a single female house wren go from gourd rack to gourd rack randomly tossing out eggs and for no apparent reason, In just a few minutes she did a lot of damage.
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I am trying to attract martins to my gourd house with Dawnsong and a decoy. Only 3 gourds are open and there's a Bewicks wren nesting in one. My inclination is to wait until the little wrens fledge. What do you guys think? Will the wrens keep the martins away?
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I am totally unfamiliar with Wrens. The Starling, House Sparrow and sub-adult Martins have always been our culprits. SREH stopped the Starling, pellets stopped the HS and subbies are tolerated. Keeping the nest competitors out of your PM housing will allow your colony to grow and eventually the colony becomes a force of it's own. They chase away any intruders and are much better at it than I am.

Keep after them and best wishes for a great season.
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